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Around Dec 24/25 my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex for about 10 seconds until he pulled out. We realized we should have used protection. We had protected sex using a condom like 2 weeks before. I was expecting my period on the 29th, and when I wiped there was some pink discharge so I thought my period was coming. I woke up the next day and no period. Another day later around Dec 30, I started having brown discharge and it has stopped yesterday (January 2nd)... By now my period is five days late.

I realize a late period can also be due to stress, I took my finals the week of Dec 10-14 and it has been a stressful week for me. Not to mention just knowing that we had unprotected sex has been worrying me.

What are the chances that I could be pregnant? Should I worry?


wait to see if you have any systoms yet..