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Hi, I'm a 24 years old male. I do masturbation. I can see after I stared it ( after 4-7 days left), there's a some sort of blisters (some sort of pimples) appearing in my buttock. They're not painful. If I stopped masturbating, after 2-3 weeks these things are disappear. I do 2-5 masturbation per week. Is it a normal thing? Or is it some sort of health issue?


I am not sure that the 2 are interconnected, ass pimples are generally caused by ingrown hairs. That in mind If you do a lot of pelvic thrusting and friction off actively growing hairs, they will ingrow to form a pimple which is actually a miniture boil. Since body hair growth and male masterbation usually coinside as puberty hits. Hair growth continues and accerates  till you reach maturity it is possible to consider them linked.

That said, should the problem get worse, painful, or just plain annoying, you may want to consult your DR for a referal to a Dermatoligest. Be frank and honest @ your day to day activities including including mastabitory habits.