For the past 2 and half years, ive had this agonising pain in my left side of my pelvis during my period. I've always had problems with my periods since I started them at 12. I used to have painful cramps and bleed heavily and also only had a 20 day cycle. By the time I was 14/15 I used to miss time of school every 20 days and became very anaemic, weak and ill alot, so my mum took me to the doctor. I was put on hormone tablets for 3 years, which helped alot. At 18 I was put on the pill instead. Anytime I came off the pill I would again get painful (quite debilitating) periods, but the cramps were evenly spread out over my stomach. However 2 and half years ago I came of contraception full stop so me and my husband could try for children. But this time my periods were joined by an absolutely agonising pain on the left side as well as pain during sex. The pain is unbearable, even if I take strong pain killers and have a hot water bottle they only take the cramps away but do very little for the pelvic pain. I'm a dancer and martial artist so have a really good pain thresh hold (I danced on a broken ankle for 3 weeks without realising, because to me it just ached). I have to spend 2 days in a ball on the sofa. Then the rest of my period dosed up on pain killers with a heat pad on. Im ver heavy and pass large clots and if I do go about doing activities I get waves of sudden weakness/faintness. Prior to my periods I always show signs of a dropped immune system, I tend to get boils or mouths ulcers and often become ill/pick up illnesses easily. As my periods finish I am exhausted and weak, it's like I've got jet lag and it takes me a couple of days to recover from my period. 2 1/2 years later me and my husband have been unsuccessful at conceiving (not even conceived then had a miscarriage). I've been to doctors, gynocology, fertility. Pelvic exam showed inflammation in area of pain, but all blood were normal, scans showed no abnormalities and hycosy showed tubes to be normal. I take regular vitamins, plus an iron and colic acid supplement. I eat a really healthy diet and exercise regularly. My periods just take such a toll on my body which affects so many areas of my life. It also affects me mentally because I feel fat all the time because my stomach bloats up and I struggle to do ab exercises over my period. And spending half a month weak and exhausted doesn't help either. Doctors won't do any more than prescribe anti inflammatories. Because the only other medications would prevent us from being able to conceive. I just want to find out what's causing the symptoms and some kind of relief as they have such a large affect on my life! If anyone has any ideas or has found any relief for similar symptoms it would be greatly appreciated.