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2 months ago i started having lower back ache then i got my period and it lasted 2 weeks . finally the bleeding stoped but i have bad pelvic pain and stomach pain and back ache also vagina pain that is so annoying . ive had xrays they were clear and my bloods were also normal except my white cells were high ..
im worried sick and its effecting my daily life what could it be . the doctors are in no rush to help me im now waiting on a scan and swab test .

has anyone had these symptoms plse help xx :)


I had your symtoms and recently was told had a leaking ovarian cyst that ruptured this past Friday....go to ER they can do all the test there....It can be harmful....make sure you take your temp. to make sure you do not have an the back pain lasted for 3 weeks before my cyst cramps in my back....hope this helps