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I have been back and forth to docs and hospital and i keep being fobbed off with IBS. Im in pain and its wearing me down.

Started back in Feb (10th) a week before i was due with back ache, then severe cramps not just in pelvic area but down the sides of my abdomen. Started a very heavy and extremely painful period and i thought they would go. They didnt pain then kept up on and off with various other symptoms, up to the point where they thought i had appendicitis after 2 treatments of antibi's for suspected UTI's.

No appendicitis, ultra sound done and small 'normal' cyst on the left, a tilted back womb and thick Endometrium (even though i finished my period the week before). Pains and cramps eventually ceased 4 weeks later, for a total of 3 and a bit days, then came back. Once again starting with back ache, a week later i started another heavy painful period.

Eventually had Gyny appt but with the registrar who asked me about my symptoms and immidiately said i had IBS and referred me back to my docs. Despite the fact the ultra sound said i had thick endo after i finished my period, my periods are irregular even though im taking the pill (31, 29, 41, 37 days), my periods make me double over in pain, they are heavy for 3 days then then next 2 or 3 i shed old blood. Im now 26 and they never used to be heavy or painful and were regular, when i was 19 they turned like this.

Pain ceased again on 24/03/13 for 5 days and started again with back ache. In addition to this round of pain, im now getting a sharp shooting pain up my lady bits at the same time as sharp period like pains which extend down the front of my thighs and i get shap pains on the inside of my ankles. Im sick of being fobbed off and made to look like a hypocondriact. Ive taken buscopan, aloe vera juice, peppermint oil, codeine, paracetamol, ibru and although i get slight relief from pain it doesnt go.

Im very fed up and has anyone else experienced anything like it?



To me it feels like labor pain, The only thing that relieves the pain is bearing down it makes me nauseous as well I found the medication I was on I ended up with the pituitary andeoma On and off for months I completely stopped bleeding and then all of a sudden they came back with a vengeance It's a shockingly intense pain and it is unpredictable I can see what they say that it may be it IBS though the symptoms are similar but it's definitely not that