Hi, the short story of this is that i've been getting these sharp, little pain in my groin area, mostly on my pelvic floor zone and testicles for a week and some days. I'm not sure if it's in the testicles itself or it travels there from the pelvic zone. The thing is the pain is just annoying and not really big, and it last for a second, it comes as fast as it appears. It happens mostly when i'm sitting. Now the long story: Thing is that i've been having a pelvic floor pain located mainly at the root of the penis, which could be estimulated with pressure. It all started after one day where during ejaculation i felt a sharp pain going through my groin area to my right leg, after that i could ejaculate without that pain but other pains around the penis root and testicles started. I've been to doctor and he checked my testicles for lumps, checked for hernias, checked where the pain was and nothing was found. He said it should be probably something muscular and gave me some pain killers and hot salt baths. Told me that i should take the pain killers for two days and keep going only if the pain was still there. Problem is that i stopped after two days but the pain came back, and eventually the new symptom of sharp little pain. I think i have some kind of ligament broken or strained in my penis and i read that takes a lot of time to heal, even more if i keep putting pressure to check or having any kind of sexual acivitiy, which silly enough i was doing. I stopped pressing and having sex/masturbating for a week and that pain is kind of going away after 2 months and some days, holy hell. But i'm still concerned about the other sharp, short pain that doesn't seem to be stopping, are they even related? Should i start taking pain killers again? Ibuprofen was it? Or should i go get checked again? Sadly my medical insurance right now is not that good so i hope you can help me solve this. Finally could this be caused by stress and anxiety? I've been really stressed over all this situation the past months so i don't know if that somehow triggered the little pains. Thanks for reading this long!