I am 29 years old and for almost 3 yrs i have been having cramp like pain and sometimes severe pain on my lower right side of my pelvis. It was not my appendix. I have seen several doctors but they don't know whats going on, i was diagnosed with PCOS earlier this year but after being on the pill, my followup showed that they were gone. I've had my periods in between my taking the pill.However the pain still persists on my ovaries per the doctor. They did a sonogram and it showed my ovaries were regular but they still cannot explain the pain i have and tenderness. They say i need to take motrin everyday for who knows how long, i've tried but i'm still in pain. What could the problem be. I sometimes pass out due to the pain and i need to know what is the cause of the pain. The doctor thinks i may need surgery, but why have surgery if they can't figure out what it is. Please help me.