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Hi, For the last few weeks my breasts have been sooo tender, my nipples are constantly erect, i have an ache in my lower tummy, i keep feeling sick (though havn't been sick) i keep feeling faint, it almost feels like i have a virus which i cannot shift! I have done 6hpt and they all say negative! Whats going on? My partner thinks I'm pregnant and says to wait a few weeks before taking another test but it's driving me mad! I just feel all out of sorts and am sure I'm pregnant but the tests have another opinion lol
What else could it be? (I came off the pill, would this cause these symptoms?)


Also (down below) is quite er engorged! Is that a sign too?


I feel exactly the same way... I was wondering the same thing...

My husband and I having been TTC for about 8-9 months now. I was charting my ovulation and was supposed to ovulate on January 10th '09. We had sex on the 9th and by the 13th (4dao)I had very tender/sore breasts at night when I took my bra off.

It has gotten worse everynight since and now they hurt all day even with out my bra on! I don't normally have these symptoms with my period, at least not nearly as severe. It hurts on the sides close to my armpits, and I have noticed my nipples are erect more often.

I have had a cold for almost two weeks now, but my only symptom now is a cough (not too much of one, just a little mucus). I have felt kinda light headed a few times and I'm not sure if it was from the cold or not?

Could this be a very early sign of being pregnant?
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