my fiance and i have been having unprotected sex for 3 years now. we have sex just about everyday. we dont 'maybe' 3 times out of the month. he never pulls out either. yet im still not pregnant. ive experienced symptoms of pregnancy, sick feeling, tender breasts, fatigue, moodiness. eating more than usual. ive take multiple pregnancy tests....and nothing. im even starting to get a lil belly(idk if its from my eating habits). im 5'9 and 156lbs. but the only weight gain for the past few months have been in my hip area and my belly...not too noticable for others to catch. but i notice it. its become noticable to me for the past 2..maybe 3 months. all the symptoms of pregnancy, but the killing factor is that i have a period every month faithfully. the same flow, nothing irregular about it. whats up with that.....anybody???