Sorry it's long. I had a Copper IUD in for the last 4 years, during that time my periods were extremely heavy and 2 weeks apart. Starting in January I started my period and it never stopped, after over 3 months of horrendous bleeding I called my gyn and they said it would be another month or so before they could get me in. I was extremely anemic by this point and had my husband help pull the iud out on march 30th. My period stopped the following day. My husband and I do occasionally have unprotected sex and only use condoms for BC. I started my period on April 18th and it was my typical SUPER heavy flow for a full 7 days. Tracking my periods I noticed my period hadn't come for several weeks. I boobs became extremely sensitive, I am extremely tired a lot of the time now, I eat a lot more than I used too and I'm hungry constantly, I don't sleep as well as I used to and I've had a few bouts of nausea but no vomiting (with my first 2 kids I had hyper-emesis to the point of multiple hospitalizations both times and Zofran pumps, I couldn't go more than an hour without puking from 6 weeks to delivery). After still not having a period on June 14th, (29 days late and 8.5 weeks since my last period) I took a home pg test. It was difficult to tell what it said as it looked more like evaporation lines than a positive result. I took a second test later that day that was definitely negative, still not sure what the results meant I took a different test the following day and negative again. I has some pink to bright red spotting on that day a couple times when going to the bathroom but nothing else. I waited a few extra days and now 2 days ago I started spotting a little more, mixed between pink and bright red. not enough to fill a pad but more than a pantyliner can hold with a few blood clots(I had alot of huge blood clots the whole time the iud was in). It's no where near what my normal periods are. I would love to go to the gyn but thanks to a mix up with my insurance company I currently don't have any insurance coverage. I cant figure out what is going on.