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I found out I was pregnant on Monday my period due date on the Wednesday I went to the toilet and noticed a tiny amount of pink discharge shortly after I had a white almost looked like wet tissue discharge an hour later I stared bleeding bright red blood the same heaviness as my monthly periods and still am I'm not passing clots and I have no pain at all I'm not sure what's happening as everyone says a miscarriage will be painful anyone have any idea thanks 


Hi Betts,

You can have bleeding while pregnant - especially early on.

But, it can also be a miscarriage.  Many women don't even know they are pregnant and just assume it is a regular period.  It doesn't have to be painful - not early on.  You may not even notice clots - the embryo is that small.

You'd need a quantitative Hcg test to determine if you are pregnant still.  It givens a value, not just pregnant/not pregnant.  The levels should rise very rapidly if you are still pregnant.

See your doctor.  Good luck.