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So last night i noticed when i went to the bathroom and wiped, there was a brown clearish as well as a little red mucus/discharge. I am supposed to start the 13 of Sept. so in 10 days i start, im always regular, 28 days exactly. Me and my boyfriend of almost 4 years had protected sex (condom) and he pulls out every time. We had sex about a week and a half ago, almost everyday for 4 days and thats all for the month of August. Scared i don't know if it is implantation bleeding or just old blood working it's way out. i took an hpt this morning and it was negative, sooo just worried and def. do not need a child right now! 


Hi Guest,

The timing is possibly a bit early for implantation bleeding.  Normally it occurs about a week or so before your period is due.  It may be "old blood" from ovulation bleeding.

You won't know for sure until you have your period or a positive test.  Testing now, 10 days prior to your expected period, is early.

You need to wait about two weeks past ovulation for the tests to begin to be accurate (2-7 days ago).  The earliest you can RELIABLY test is about when you expect your period, even with the "early" tests. 

Testing early false negatives are common. 

Hang in there, give it time.

Good luck.