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I have been experiencing sore breasts and "period like" cramps now for about one week. Around August 30 was the day I ovulated, so I am roughly 11 days past ovulation. I was sexually active 1 and 2 days before ovulation so I know there is a possibility of pregnancy. 

Currently my period is late. It was supposed to come either yesterday or today. Possibly tomorrow, if I have miscalculated. I have been taking a pregnancy test daily but all have been negative.  I have taken ClearBlue and First Response. Even with the negative tests, is there still a real chance that I could be pregnant? Or is the chance at this point pretty small?

I feel different than I ever have before my period. I keep getting symptoms that I get when I am actually bleeding, but when I go to check there is nothing there. I usually do not get period symptoms until I am on my period, sometimes not until I am a full day on my period with a lot of bleeding. Also, my breasts are much more sore than usual. 

If anyone has any idea if this sounds like pregnancy, please let me know. 


Hi JD,

The pregnancy tests don't always work, especially when testing early.  They usually take about 14 days from when you had sex - at the earliest before they'll start to work.  They really are only accurate when indicating pregnant.  False positives are VERY rare.  False negatives are VERY common.

It's still early so give yourself a few more days.  Usually we'd tell you to wait until you are about 10 days late to see your doctor.  By that point with no period you need to find out if you are pregnant or why you are not having your period.

When you do test be sure to use ONLY your very first morning urine.  It does make a difference in how well the test works.

Good luck.