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My gf and I broke up in August and she had sex with a guy on a Monday the 26th. We got back together and had sex 3 times Thursday the 29th using the pull out method. I just wiped myself off and stuck him back in. We did that 3 times in 45 min. Then we had sex Friday and Saturday. Well she ovulated Friday the 30th. Come to find out she's pregnant. The guy she had sex with came inside her but he's doing myth and other drugs plus smoking weed and regular cigs and drinking. I don't do any of that. So I was trying to find out who the father could be?? I know cum lives inside up to 5 days but I also heard guy sperm only lives for 3 days??


Hi Matt,

You certainly CAN be the father.  The pull out method is very unreliable and worse, you wiped off and went back in.  You didn't, can't, clean out any semen (containing sperm) in your urethra.  Just inserting your penis can squeeze that semen into her vagina.

There is no way to know exactly when she ovulated - after the fact.  Besides, sperm can survive for about 5 days as you know.

Meth may make the other guy impotent but it won't make him sterile.

You'll need a DNA test to determine paternity.

Good luck.