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Please don't judge me, I know I made a mistake and I know it does not excuse my behavior but me and my boyfriend had been breaking up and fighting left and right at the time and I did make a bad judgment call. And I know a DNA will solve all this but still wanted some advice.

My last period started 2/13. I had sex multiple times with my boyfriend (GUY A) on 2/25 and he came inside me twice (My boyfriend and I always used the pull out method since we met and I never got pregnant. But a year ago he came inside me and I got pregnant with our son).  On 2/27 I had sex with my ex (GUY B) one time and he pulled out (I dated my ex on and off for 10 years and we always used the pull out method and he never got me pregnant).

I'm now 10 weeks pregnant with an estimated due date on 11/20. I had an early scan at 9 weeks and the baby measured exactly with the due date the computer gave me. Making ovulation most likely on 2/27.

Is it possible my boyfriend is most likely the father even though we had sex two days before I would have ovulated? I heard sperm can live for 3 days. Would that mean his sperm was there first to fertilize the egg<>? Or is it more likely my ex's because that's the day I ovulated.


I am kinda in the same boat so please update when you know! To me it sounds like your bf GUY A baby because his sperm would have been there first to meet the egg when it was released. Did you use any contraception? Morning after pill? Condom? Birth control?

I am due in july so soon as i know i will post hopefully it helps you. Good luck and please update when u can.