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have had sex with 2 guys during the days I was fertile. I'm due next month on May 11, right around the corner. My last period was Aug 5. I've looked online & I've gotten responses that I'm supposed to count two weeks after my last period to estimate the best time my baby was conceived. I asked my Dr & he told me the baby was conceived around Aug 15 ,or 16 - 25 I think I'm not positive. The first guy I had unprotected sex with him on the 16 two times but he pulled out both times & the second guy I had unprotected sex with him the 17 and throughout the rest of the month multiple times a day and he didn't pull out. I've read that pulling out doesn't work sometimes so I'm kind of Confused & need some help.


Hi Guest,

The pull out method is very unreliable.

If your last period started Aug 5, you'd ovulate between Aug 16 and 21.  We can't know exactly when - after the fact.

Sperm can survive up to about 5 days. 

The dates are just to close together.  Either guy can be the father.  You will need a DNA test.

Good luck.