hello,just hough id write a post on my addiction,im 30 year old male,iv been takeing codeine based painkillers for about 5,6 year now,at first it gave me agood burst of confidence etc,but over time,even though in my mind im telling myself im ok,i know im pushing freinds and family away and i dont do hardlie any of my hobbies like i used to,id soner take a codeine and sit down and not go out of the house,even though i feel and want to do thins HIS THIS COMMON?anyway iv been on dihydrocodeine for the past year,now i no it may not seem much but i ran out and started takeing co dryomol there 500 paracetomel 10 millagram dihydrocodeine i whas takeing 3 a day 30 mg of df,s im now only takeing 2 of these co dryomol its my 2nd week now on these iv had some sort of withdraw systems like sleeping etc,but i really started talking alot and i feee like iv had loads of codeine all high rate etc sometimes,but i must say im feeling better even though im still takeing these co dryomol in which i only have about 14 left though?do you think i will be ok to stop takeing them alltogether now?and how could i get out of the habbit of takeing a nibble of a tablet?all help appreciated!cheers sime