I was on it for 6 yrs. I didn't start abusing it until I was in the third year of taking it. By then I had a lot going in my life..divorce, trying to run my own business, my kids etc. A lot of stress and changes. I started using ambien like it was my xanax to calm my nerves. I loved the high, the euphoric feeling it would give me. My tolerance became so high I took more and more. Then I started to notice 4 hours without it I would start to withdrawal. So than I found myself psychologically and physically dependent on it. I was up to 12 pills in a 24 hourperiod everyday. I then found ways to get it to keep from being without. I couldn't function without it. The withdrawals were in unbearable. Anxiety, panic Attacks, blood pressure would go thru the roof, dizziness like I was going to pass out, heart palpitations, felt like I was going to die and most of all was afraid I would seize out if I didn't get it in me in time. It was the worst thing I've ever been in. I've never been a drug addict but ambien became my best friend and than my worst enemy. No doctors would help me. I couldn't afford rehab and even admitted myself in a hospital and they had to call poison control because they didn't know how to treat me and ended up releasing me 8 hrs later. Finally I had a few people refer to a doctor that dealt with a lot people with addictions. He saved my life. He put me on valium to get off ambien. Valium has the longest half life of all the benzos so it evened out my blood plasma levels while off. Ambien has a very short half life of 2 hrs. Thts why ambien or xanax is the hardest of benzos to come off. He put me on 3 10 mgs a day. By the third week I only take 5 mgs valium around noon than 10mgs at night before bed. I've had no withdrawals no anxiety and finally deep sleep. It was an adjustment for sure because all my habits ..daily life revolved around my addiction. Psychologically its still an adjustment. I do not get a high from valium..it just evens me out. Which was tough at first because I still wanted that high. Anyway within the next few weeks I will only be down to 5 mgs a day. Valium of all benzos is the easiest to taper off again because the half life is so long. I feel for all of you and wish you all the best o. Luckts