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hi,some years back i read in a section of a some health magazine that one guy had asked an question that his biceps were not growing despite having a good workout and nice diet plan given by his trainer.So then his trainer tells him that there is a problem and he gave him some pills which .So, thing is that i am also having a same problem but my trainer doesn't know anything about this.I am doing weight lifting since one year my wole body is showing positive result except my biceps and forearms.My biceps and forearms are not growing at all and they hurts much after working out them. I don't know whom to ask about this problem, so please help me in this.


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Hi Kapil.

Do you use protein shakes?

Regarding these muscle building pills - the only ones that are legal and hat I can think of are amino acid pills. They work as building blocks of protein and should help you build bigger muscles. However they are just an addition to exercise and protein rich diet. 

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Hey Kapil,


Don't worry about taking any supplements. They're expensive and unnecessary. Focus on eating right and working hard during your exercise sessions. The reason you may not have been seeing increases in size is simply due to the amount of time you've been working out. If working out is new to you, any improvements in strength are due to neural factors, meaning your nerves becomes more efficient at causing your muscles to contract, you won't see hypertrophy (an increase in physical size) until later into a workout regime. Feel free to message me with any other questions.


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