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Ive had a bump in my anus for several months now. maybe longer.
its usually just been random severe itchiness.
never pain

but today when i sat down on the toilet . 2 times. there was blood when i wiped. and blood in the water.

kinda freaked out..

i have not un-protected sex, or been drinking , doing hard drugs recently


That bump that you feel may be a hemerroid. It may be random because some hemerroids will sometimes go back in, but when you have a bm, the strain from that will make it pop out again. The itchies are from the hemerroid, as well as the bleeding. You have managed to irritate it to the point where it now will bleed.
This may sound gross, but you can push it back in yourself. That is self explanatory, but be easy.
You can try some Preperation H. But it over the counter and follow package instructions. Try some Tucks Medicated Pads. Lay one on top of your hemorroid, between your butt crack, and progress thru your day. You can leave it there, it's used to sooth your pain.
Also, try a stool softener such as, Colace or Dulcolax. Keep your poo soft so it won't irritate your anus on the way out.