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I have always had a problem with my bowels burning and causing my anal area to itch. Whenever I have a bowel movement, no matter how many baby wipes I use and how much I wipe, when I would move around, I would start to itch again, go to the rest room and find there was still bowel on my anal area.

Well around February this year, the itching started to cause these little bumps to form around my anus. I didn't worry too much about about it for a while because they wouldn't get any bigger until around the summer, where they started to spread.

I got worried, so during my Gynecological exam, I asked the doctor to look at the bumps and she said they look like little warts, and placed me on this horrid medication called Condylox, which is literally and acid that burns away the "wart".

Well, they cleared up, but then again I had another bowel movement, (hard bowels), and the burning and itching started again, then i had another outbreak. Used the condylox, and it cleared up.

Now here I am again this month with the same problem. This time I paid closer attention to when I break out with these bumps and they literally form within 24-48 hours after I've had these itch and burning bowel movements, so now I'm on condylox again (in agony) and I'm wondering if these are warts at all or something else.

Should I see a proctologist, a gastro or both?

TMI, I know but my bowels are usually very orange, and have these little dark specks in them.

I cannot go through using this condylox like this because its causing me severe pain.


I don't really know what this could be but i certainly wouldn't live my life on medication that is awful. You def need a second opinion. It's suspicious that these bumps appear again after they have been cleared up, when you move your bowels. I would not see this Dr. again if these symptoms reappear. He/she is only putting a bandade on the problem but not taking care of or finding the cause.
You may need some blood work done and some tests taken. Please see a Specialist.


I agree because this is getting ridiculous. I'm going to a proctologist. I found one not far from me.