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Okay this has been going on for about 24-36 hours now. My anus hurts. Its a constant ache that goes anywhere from dull to sharp. Also my lower bowels feel full all the time. The anus feels like it is leaking a liquid, when it is not. My bowels have been a little irregular lately, and Im getting a very soft light color. Also Ive been having a "burning" gas if that makes sense.

There doesnt seem to be any reason for it. I went drinking Friday night, and when I woke up Saturday morning my arse hurt.

Now heres where Im concerned. There is no bleeding. It feels better when I sit on it, as opposed to when I lay down. It does not hurt extra when I have a BM, all though wipeing isnt exactly comfortable.

Ive heard everything from diaper rash, to herpes, to genetal warts, to syphilis, to anal fisures or anal hemoroids(sp).

I dont know. ive been in a serious relationship for 10 mo.s now, and if it was herpes it would have come by now. We:ve also BOTH been checked w/in the last 6 mos. Also I dont do anything sexual with my anus, so I dont know how it could be sexualy diseased.

because of the heat and humidity, I am constantly sweating here, especially in the groin area, which has been discolored red since I got here, and my thighs hurt when I walk for long distances. This is why Im thinking maybe a form of diaper rash or jock itch has lead to a infection in my as****e, but that doesnt explain why its all the sudden like this.

Im currently in Japan, and anyone who actually knows anything about this country knows how terrible to doctors are, and Im afraid to go back. Last time I swore Ide never go back again.

Ive already squatted over a mirror and looked around. Having never really looked at my anus before I cant tell if its irregular or what. It seems to be devided into 3 parts, and looks swollen. But again, its my first time seeing my anus, so I dont know.

Ive been airing the thing out all night, and it doesnt really feel much better.
Im really very scared, and any information would be helpfull. Thanks.


Okay, Ive since been to a doctor.

It was hemoroids. They gave me a suppositorial steroids which are very unconfortable!

So now I think this should be on the internet yes? In case anyone has the same problem I hope they can know this and not suffer such agony.