I am a 44 yr old male. I started on androgel about 4 months ago due to decreased (tested) testosterone levels. In the past, an ENT specialist told me that I had "borderline" hypothyroidism (i asked if borderline was a technical term and he didn't like that). My current Dr who prescribed andro knows this and re-tested my thyroid levels (t4 tsh,etc) he says though levels are close to being hypo-my thyroid is normal. I also have several small non cancerous nodules on my thyroid (both lobes). Additionally, I have some advanced arthritic conditions (started when i was "skinny") and had a total hip replacement done 6 months ago.

so now, andro is working: increased testo count, more energy, not sleepy all the time, etc. My thyr levels are same. I am gaining even more weight since about my second month on andro-this seems to be the only issue.

my question-even though the andro label states weight gain/bloating/water retention has side effects, my dr discounts this-is there any known correlation between "borderline" thyroid levels and subsequent low T issues? I am not sure how to ask the question or if I am asking enough. just wondering why i have to gain weight just to feel "normal" again? Also, are these Thyr levels somehow 'hampering' the effects of the Andro?