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I suffer with angina and have a Drug-eluting stent 2006 and loads of medication and i went to see my doctor this week he said if im not responding to my medication the next step was bypass is this right.. 8-|


Drug-eluting stent reportedly has a restenosis rate of less than 10% compared to bare metal stent which has a restenosis rate of 20-30%. However, blood clots can form in your coronary artery after the coated medicine on the stent has been used up, and oral anticoagulant medications need to be taken to prevent this from happening. In spite of such preventative measure, restenosis can still occur due to the migration of endothelial and smooth muscle cells over the stent surface resulting in progressive narrowing of the coronary artery. At this stage, bypass surgery will be indicated.


Thanks hoseclamps for reply

I have another artery blocked at 80% but they said its too narrow to put anything in and i still get chest pain from my angina and taking all these medication's now waiting to see cardio

Bisoprolol 10mg 1 Daily
Aspirin 75mg 1 Daily
Isosorbide mononitrate modified cap 60mg 2 Daily
Clopidogrel 75mg 1 Daily
Tildiem LA 300mg 1 Daily
Lansoprazole 30mg 1 Daily
Nicorandil 20mg 2 Daily
Simvastatin 80mg At Night
GTN Spray

And get fed up of taking these every day


I can definitely empathise with you.

My father started having angina pain in his late 40's. A triple bypass ( he needed 5 bypasses but they were unable to do them all because they were to narrow), he has sinse had 2 heart stents, both kidneys stented and last year found out he has a stomach anerysm (sp?)

Though he has had all of these procedures done he still suffers from angina pain. Doctors in Cleveland, OH at the Cleveland Clinic (one of the best in the country) say its because part of his heart is not getting enough blood flow because of blocked arteries that cannot be fixed.
The cold and exertion bring on his angina more than anything else.

My father is now 71 yrs old and has dealt with the heart caths, the stents, the treadmills, ultra sounds, etc for about 25 yrs.
I know that he gets tired and frustrated with it just as you do.

If this makes you feel any better....after open heart I feared my father was never going to be as physical as he was before. After about 3 wks I started to notice improvement. After 5 wks he was tearing up concrete in his garage so he could poor cement. He continued working at his normal factory job and farmed 500 acres on the side. The man put(s) in very long hours.

At 71 yrs old he is still going strong. He has had hernia, gall bladder and back surgery on top of everything else in the last 5 yrs. He refuses to quit. His thoughts are if I stop I will be sick. God love him....he gives all of his family stregnth and courage with his stregnth and courage.

Just know that with open heart you can still live a normal life. When the angina pains start, sit down and take a break. It's hard. It's frustrating but it can be dealt with if you keep a positive attitude.

My thoughts are with you...I know it's not an easy thing to go through.
Please keep us posted on how you are doing and what you find out fron the cardiologist.

Best of luck and a speedy recovery.


Update thanks for all the info

Still waiting to see cardio been to doctors today got chest pain at work lifting doctor has put my up Tildiem LA 400mg 2 Daily
was taking 300mg once a day and doctor is doing me a letter for work about lifting and have to go back in 2 weeks.