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I developed renal artery stenosis in my 30's, my right kidney has since died. I was told it was due to me having fibromuscular dysplasia. I understand (maybe wrongly) that the 'string of beads' stenosis effect can happen any
where in the body.

Is it possible for the condition to recur in the other renal artery, if so what immediate symptoms would appear? I only went to my GP when I felt slightly unwell. But my blood pressure was 140/240.

Also if it appeared anywhere else, what could I expect? I get sudden dizzy spells, I have dilated cardiomyopathy and suffer from atrial fibrolation.


I'm not exactly sure what renial stenosis is....let's see if what I know compares to your condition.
My father has severe coronary artery disease. While having a heart cath done they discovered that his kidney was blocked by plaque and ready to lose the function of his kidney. They immediately rushed him in and put in a stent.
After 6 months the doctor at the Cleveland Clinic wanted to do another heart cath and sure enough he had developed the same condition in his other kidney.
I also want to mention that his blood pressure went off of the chart before the stents were done.
So if stenosis (i understand it as thickening) is the same as plaque caused from coronary artery disease than the answer is yes. It can happen to another kidney or to any other artery (neck, heart, legs) too.
I'm not a doctor, nor I am familiar with renial stenosis but after reading your post I highly recommend you see a specialist (my father's doctor specialized in vascular medicine) and with your blood pressure so high I recommend you do it ASAP. Maybe they can save your other kidney so you do not have to be on dialysis.
Best of luck to you.


Thank you ksf for your prompt reply, my blood pressure at the moment is very well controlled and stable. It went sky high when I first had the stenosis.

Stenosis is the narrowing of an artery, but not by plaque. I believe its the arterial walls collapsing, it does this in several places....hence the string of beads appearance.

I was going to have a stent inserted but the angle was too acute so that treatment was impossible. I have felt much better since the affected kidney died (it took 12 years) and on a lot less medication!

I was concerned that the condition may recur again, I really appreciate you saying what happened to your grandfather, I shall be aware of changes and discuss it with my consultant when I see him in a few weeks.

Thanks again, I was beginning to feel stupid for having those thoughts.



I don't know where you are located but if the Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio is available to you (we make the 6 hr drive, one way!) I highly suggest a Dr. Chris Baejer in Vascular Medicine at the clinic.
Things have come a long way in the last several years with stents.
Last year Dr Baejer actually put a new stent, making a tee, through an old stent because my father's heart artery had developed new blockages.
I have met many doctors over the last twenty years with my father's coronary artery disease (he had open heart at 51 yrs old) and I must say Dr. Baejer is the best doctor I have ever met.
After one of my father's many stents, I told Dr. Baejer "Thank God for you!". He has saved my father's life more than once with his knowledge and abilities. He is a caring, yet proffesional and I just cannot recommend him highly enough.
Just keep it in mind.
Best of luck to you.


Thats so thoughtful of you ksf, unfortunatly it would take me a lot longer than 6 hrs to get to Cleveland. I live in the UK, having said that my cardiologist is one of the best here.

Thanks again for all the information you have given me :-)