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It has been several months since I have been diagnosed with prostatitis, before that I have UTI for several times. And urologist prescribed with another antibiotics, at first it control the symptoms well, but since it doesn't work any more Dr prescribed me other antibiotics. And I know that since it has been a long time urinary and genital infection for a long time, which makes it not easy to be cured. But not I don't want to take antibiotics any more, it doesn't work and some side effects appear. Then I google some natural treatment such as physical therapy, herbal diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill, warm size bath, food therapy. Physical therapy seems to relive symptoms well, some successful story on warm size bath and food therapy, but no guideline and and standard, diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill have been said to cure chronic prostatitis. And any other treatments would be appreciated. Thanks for help.


Hi my cousin Alvin just took those diuretic and anti-inflammatory pills, and he's recovered again. But it takes long, he had those pills for 3 months. He had 20 years of prostatitis before he took that herb thing.