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I was recently treated for Prostate Inflammation, it was awful, I had pain in my testicles, knifing pain at the tip of my penis, frequent urination, etc. The last time I masturbated is when it all started which was in July 2014, I havent ejaculated since. The knifing pain in the tip started right after I masturbated the last time. Should I just do it, I am worried the pain will come back....


hey,guy, you need to know the symptoms of prostate inflammation(also named as prostatitis):
blood in the urine or semen
pain or burning with urination
pain with bowel movement
pain with ejaculation
pain in the low back, above the pubic bone, between the genitals and anus, the tip of the penis, and the urethra
difficulty or straining to urinate
frequent or urgent need to urinate

So if you want to get rid of these symptoms, you need to treat your disease completely. Would you please tell me what treatment you have taken? Antibiotics always make the disease be easy to recur, herbal medicine diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill gives a completely cure for patients. Besides, patients should take an active attitude towards the illness, and moderate sex is ok. Relax and make pleasure.