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for just over 3.5 years iv been suffering what i can only describe as a cystitis 'LIKE' symptom. i get the symptoms that you would if you have cystitis e.g. needing to pee again after just going, burning feeling.

it happens the next day after having sex with my partner. we're both clear of any sti's. When I first experienced this I had cystitis so got antibotics to clear it up. it cleared up but now i have this symptom.

Ive seen 3 doctors, all of which just told me to do the usual drink lots of water, where loose clothing etc. 1 doctor actually LAUGHED AT ME???? when i described what happens to me. another said i was brusing my uretha during sex. iv seen a gynecologist no problems theres. iv had a uretha swob came back fine, blood tests came back fine.

so today i went to the docs to say i cant take it anymore and want to have bladder tests. he asked was i an anxious person?, i said sometimes mostly during interviews, going to docs the norm i thought. he said it sounds your an anxious person and you anxiety is causing the bladder problems and gave me some tablets to take when my problems arises again.

i will admitte im stressed, maybe slightly depressed but never thought i had an anxiety problem. does this sound like anxiety is causing the problem? has anyone else experienced this??


I've only been experiencing these symptoms for a little over two weeks.  Need to urinate, burning, and general discomfort.  I've been prescribed cipro and bactrim and both have given me limted relief.  I usually react well to antibitotics and they have cleared UTI's up in the past within a day.  Here it is now 2 days into bactrim and afraid to not take any AZO pills for fear of feeling symptoms again.  And now, I'm starting to think it's all in my head and making myself feel worse than I am because of anxiety.  How did you make out with your issue?