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treatment of bladder infection with mol?


Hello! I am also diagnosed with cystitis when I had burning when I went to pee, which was way too often, when my urine had very strong smell and I also had pain in lower abdomen.
I started another antibiotics yesterday and need to take them for another 4 days. Before that I was also taking antibiotics but didn’t get much relief from it.
I hear that some women are not even prescribed antibiotics but just said to take something over-the-counter for bladder infection. Have you been prescribed anything?

I was also advised to drink cranberry juice every day or take capsules; to pee all the way and not leave anything behind in my bladder; not to hold pee urges; to drink a lot of fluids, so that the bladder is thoroughly flushed.
If I engage myself in sexual activities, I need to pee right away to flush bacteria out from urethra.
Have you seen an urologist at all?