I had this problem before back in grade 9 - 10 (14 years ago) when extreme bullying was too much. I developed anxiety and from what they assume ulcers.


Eventually they went away but I have always been a nervous person and when Im nervous my stomach hurts. A lot.


Lately my stomach has a feeling of being punched or over full. I wake up nauseous which causes panic. Currently right now I'm in bed shaking because my stomach hurts so bad. I don't know if I recently developed an ulcer from stress, a stomach bug or if it is my anxiety. I wake up with such pains and I think its from when I sleep I subconsciously think about things which is making the issue worse. 


Anyone have tips or tricks for this to stop? (I am off meds and prefer not to go back on them and my stomach hurts to the point of not being able to eat so peppermint tea or peptobismal (GROSS) arent going to help) :-@