Hey guys, i'm 14 going on 15 and just started high school. I recently started having panic attacks after one night when I got too stoned, and they haven't let up in months. These used to be a huge problem for me, and they used to scare the hell out of me, but now I know how to stop most of them when they're coming on. Anyways, I have emetophobia, which really sucks, because it's flu season, and there's a nasty stomach bug going around. This has gotten me so paranoid, that I wash my hands more than 5 times a day and avoid contact with most materials. I'm constantly worried about getting sick, and this is leading my anxiety on. I also get really nauseous when I get panic attacks, and I get panic attacks when I get nauseous, so it's somewhat of a chain effect. I stopped smoking about two months ago, and I haven't tried it since.


My anxiety has gotten to the point where I get really scared when my stomach starts gurgling, I get gas, etc. My diet is pretty terrible, and I get constipated at least once a week. My question to you guys, is do I have IBS or is it all mental? Can you get constipated from being constantly worried? I get stomach pains in my pelvic area as though I was. I also got prescribed Hyoscyamine (an antispasmodic) for the cramps, but that was nearly a month ago, and I haven't taken it since before winter break, because it made me feel woozy and lightheaded. How can I stop all this? I'm sick of constantly being in pain or being worried about pain, I just want to feel normal again.