For about a month and a half now, I have been tolerating continuos pain and problems such as shortness of breath, lower back pain, pain in the lower right side of my stomach, nose and throat inflammation and congestion, pain in limbs and unordinary rush of heat, headaches, blurred, doubled vision(however i do wear glasses, but sight is getting worse, and chest congestion. I believe I am having these symptoms due to the loss of one of my family members, though I have not been persistently thinking about it. I think there is something completely wrong with me and soon I will die in my sleep. It feels like my chest is forcing the air out when I breathe and my throat sometimes experiences pain as well. I have been to the ER in June but the doctor said it was just anxiety and my regular doctor just recently said likewise. I am very concerned, which is probably contributing to my problems and I seriously need help. Can someone please respond and tell me if they feel the same way or have a solution to my problems. I am also a relatively healthy fourteen year old who only drinks water and excercises every week. I have tried relaxing teas such as kava, a prescribed inhaler for my sinuses, and also the support of my mother. I can't seem to stop stressing over how I feel and I think it is never going to cease. Please respond.