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I suffer from anxiety and my heart is always racing. I take colonopin for the anxiety and inderol as a beta blocker for my racing heart. However i still get chest pains on the left side of my chest where my heart is. I feel constricted and it scares me and makes me think things are words than they are. I get the pain when i am relaxed in bed or when i go to the gym. Anyone else have this? Or have any advice ?


If you are weightlifting at the gym you may want to consider stopping.  Light jogging is a good exercise to losen and warm up the body and strengthen the circulatory system.  Weightlifting, if you have structural weakness in the chest, could be causing your problems.  The reason i think this is because you seem to get the pain worst when you are either lying down or at the gym.  Laying down can put pressure on the spine and rib cage that is not normally there when upright.  Weightlifting also puts extra force on the rib cage in different ways depending on the type of lift.  If there is pressure on the rib cage there may also be extra pressure on the internal organs, circulatory system, and the heart.