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Hello, Does anyone else out there suffer from Mitro Valve Prolapse? I was just diagnosed in Late Dec and am told its harmless and mine is very harmless however I have so many freaky symptoms. I am told it's anxiety. I could really use some other people to chat with about it.  




i have not been diagnosed but I get the racing heart that lasts about 40 minutes also a sore left shoulder, sore teeth in the gum line, sore throat at the top, my eyes black out in the centre area, heavyness in the chest and a very tired feeling- have only had this happen 3 times 3-5 years apart-went for an ECG and blood test during an episode and was told nothing to worry about-blood test showed no stress on heart{some chemical is found in your blood if it is in stress] and ECg was normal other than the temporary racing.But at the time I thought I was a

gonner, really its pretty scarry! but I was still passed on my medical for a private pilot liscence and told no medical reason not to pass.