Hi there. My name is daniel and i get these problems really easily. I get so much anxiety outside. Then i get stressed out and depressed. Idk how to keep myself calm

What are some suggestion you advise?i was thinking taking xanax

This happens when im outside and i hear people laughing and talking. Every time they laugh or talk i think they be laughing about me. When i hear them talk it sounds personal. Its so personal that i cant even say anything back to them then i get depressed. Mixed emotions. When i get mixed emotionsmiI compare my life to my past. Because, years ago i had a friend and he had control over me (highschool years =. i was in speacial ed.) thats when i get the feeling of hurting him.

Before highschool i was really not aware i was alive... What im mostly concerned about is. How can embrace and cope with the attitude. Im done with all the yelling and all. Being mad isnt my thing, i was full of joy before.