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Hello everyone, im on this site looking for some help/advice. The past month i have been experiencing really bad breathing anxiety, where i focus on the way i breathe 24/7 and it messes the patterns up and than i feel like i can not get enough oxygen when i breathe deeply. Im only 19 years old and i just started xanax which helps my panic but not my breathing, i dont know what to do anymore and im so scared this is going to bother me my whole life. i think i know why i have it but yet again i just feel like it will never go away. please someone help. i want to get through this and enjoy living my life again without thinking about the way i breathe. any ideas? anything.



I had this too and it was triggered from smoking and drinking too much. I was smoking a cigarette while hungover during a 2 month drinking vacation binge and I had the thought that my lungs would close up from smoking.

My advice would be to stop smoking and stop drinking. It will go away. You will notice nothing is really wrong with you, you only feel weird when you think about it.

Do some hardcore running to stimulate heavy breathing, your brain will be like "ok, I guess my lungs are fine." Make it a routine.

Trust me, it will go away if you start living a healthier lifestyle.


I totally have been there and it feels terrible. I used to be afraid to fall asleep because I believed if I wasn't thinking about my breathing I would stop breathing so it turned into a fear about dying, sleeping and not thinking about my breathing. This all started after many different doctor/therapist visits for what I thought was my first allergies and then diagnosed as sub-conscious hyperventilating, later to be full blown panic disorder.

The xanax should help. I wonder if you are not taking enough xanax? I often don't like to take medicine or try to take very little, but over time I have realized that taking more is sometimes enough, and sometime still not enough. You should probably talk with your dr. about the breathing and tell them how much xanax you are taking. Make the dr. re-assure you how much is okay to take to be able to breathe normally. It varies greatly with different people and also maybe you need something different than xanax?

In the meantime, try to distract yourself. I know it sounds awfully hard. Take a shower and think about what you are doing each second. Exercise is good like this too. Yoga is good cause they tell you when and how to breathe, sometimes that is too much though. Whatever it is, you need to get outside yourself. Play a video game, get engrossed in a story - book or movie or tv show. Talk and hang out with someone you feel comfortable with. Even talking about the breathing thing with someone else who is real live and right there may make it a bit better.

Good Luck to you.