So this may fly in the face of every medical opinion on here, but it is a factual account of my recent experience. I think my "appendicitis" has gone away on it's own. This has happened twice to me.

    Once about 21yrs ago, in short admitted to hospital for 2 days, with extreme side pain, they said my appendix was slightly inflamed but they didn't want to operate until they were sure it was going to burst, they put me on IV and antibiotics...and then symptoms faded, I felt better and Dr's cleared me to go home. This recent time was similar, I think but it's hard to compare, the other was so long ago.


So I am a male in my 40's recently, nov 14th, 2017, over 3 weeks ago, had stomach cramping, bloated, feeling that escalated over 2-3 days. The first night I thought it was just severe gas and was waiting for it to pass through system.  I experienced loss of appetite, so I ate very little, switching to mostly liquids and was able to rest a lot and any movement would set off the pain in right side.

The pain continued the next day (day2) and seemed a bit tender to touch on my right side. It was not better or worse so I made an appointment to see my doctor the next day. I didn't think it was emergency room worthy. The pain was intense at times, but not doubling me over. I only had some symptoms of appendicitis, but not all.  Mainly just loss of appetite, pain in abdomen and a sensitive to touch right side. No fever, although I did not take temperature, and slept most of day 2. I was off and able to rest. which I did, I was tired. 

By day 3's Dr visit there wasn't what I'd describe as pain, more as discomfort and now only tender & slightly painful to touch. I had been consuming mostly liquids and some light solids in soup. Dr checks me out, says it's probably not appendicitis, because symptoms don't fade on their own. They usually get worse not better. I explain, how it sort of happened 21yrs ago with antibiotics...he just listens and probably thinks I made it up. Doesn't comment, I assume he thinks it was probably something else. 21yrs is a long time ago. He moves on to diagnosing the problem. He's concerned at the real cause of these symptoms, but doesn't suggest what they could be. He actually told me not to google it, that he wants to run some tests before I worry myself. I google it anyway. He orders a blood test and a cat scan to check things out.

    Blood work done immediately and cat scan took a few days to get insurance approval, approval comes after the weekend and schedule an available appointment, about  12 days after Dr visit. Nov 29th, 2017. 

Blood work comes back pretty normal, no signs of infection. Over the 12 days the discomfort changes to just a feeling. Not particularly tender to touch, but still feel something extra. I am back to eating normal. CAT scan, the staff again is saying unlikely appendicitis, because symptoms don't fade on own. Again they don't want to scare me with other possible reasons.

Results come back and they are calling me, telling me I have signs of very early appendicitis, indicated by a slight thickening of the appendix walls in the CAT scan. They were asking me how I feel and worried my appendix was giving me trouble. I feel fine, it hasn't been bothering me. I almost feel 100% normal.  They are puzzled, say just keep an eye on it any severe pain or recurrence, go to ER. That was a week ago. Still no recurrence, no antibiotics, no anything. When I explained I had severe pain, was about two weeks prior to the CAT scan and if the symptoms no longer are happening, is it possible I am getting better? They seem skeptical of my getting better. But logically to me, if my symptoms were worse two weeks ago(now 3 weeks) could they be seeing the tail end of a flare up? as opposed to the beginning? That seems to be the case.  I admit I was really worried about my appendix bursting the first few days, but sometime on second day the pain started to fade and kept fading in the following days.  Kind of feel like I had a flare up...but no burst, maybe it's not appendicitis but some other condition caused the flair up of my appendix? Is there another explanation other then appendicitis? I would say it wasn't appendicitis, but that's what the radiologist and CAT scan suggests. I assume instead of early appendicitis it was post flare up.  There is a chance the pain and flare up can still return, in which case I will go to ER and explain, see a surgeon and be advised. I also would not bank on this being the outcome for everyone experiencing these symptoms. See your Dr or go to emergency room. I do not know what to say...but I feel fine. Perhaps I am not out of the woods, but we'll see. I'll update if I experience any changes.  Open to hear any possible explanations or advice or similar experiences.