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Hi everyone, I came onto the site looking for a little guidance - for the past 3 weeks I've completely lost my appetite and so have been eating a lot less, yet I ALWAYS seem bloated, I've also had the occasional feeling of tightening in the top of my throat. Due to all this I've been worrying about cancer, ovarian possibly? I'm 17 years of age and a smoker. I can't see a doctor untill Tuesday (today is Friday) and im really worried, does anyone have any experience with these symptoms and know what it might be? Should i be worrying this much? Thanks in advance for any help, im really starting to stress out over this!!


Their are many other things that can cause those symptoms besides cancer.  I would try not to worry too much about that for now.  Since you'll be seeing a doctor this week, take a deep breath and relax sweetie ;o)


I personally have struggled with appetite loss most of my life.  Anorexia from my teen years seem to have destroyed the hunger mechanism a bit.  Though, I have finally started to get a few here and there simply by cutting out soda and HFCS mainly, drinking lots of water -- half my body weight they say that is adequate to hydrate a person.  Don't over due in one sitting though even too much water can be bad.  That and forcing my meals...I set timers for them.

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I regularly drink dandelion tea and drink a lot of lemon water both help clease your liver so it can do its job more effectively and dandelion can aid in appetite.  I few others I use are cayenne pepper, ginger, and fennel.  I either add them to some tea or to my foods when I cook them.  Dandelion root can be found at some bulk/health food stores at a reasonable price I buy my by the ounce at like .65 cents an ounce.  You only need like 1 tsp per cup.  Dandelion is high in potassium as well ;o)  Add a spoonful of honey to make it more platable and it has a myrid of health benefits too!

Water may help with the tightened throat and licorice root tea can soothe a sore depletes potassium though so I would drink some dandelion tea later in the day if you try this one. 

bloating: WATER add lemon slices or cucumbers to make it tastier and still healthy if you need to.  Avoid sodas and carbonated beverages they add to the problem.  Undigested lactose from dairy can cause this as well.  Eat fruits and veggies.  Avoid salt.  Exercise can help get digestion moving.  Potassium: so we are back to dandelion tea and bananas or other potassium rich foods.