I recently experienced throat pain like never before. I was surprised to read how many people were suffering from this. Like many people I was looking fir a natural remedy. I am a nurse and I see first hand what medicine dies to people. I definitely did not want to take antibiotics, I will try everything and anything first before I start taking killer antibiotics... I say that because it’s true, antibiotics kills our healthy bacteria that lives in our digestive tract, bacteria that helps fight off harmful invaders, antibiotics kill this



bacteria not in small amounts but in large amounts so large that the good bacteria that our body has formed in years can be destroyed in just 5 days of taking antibiotics... that’s said I did my research and put this remedy together ... by the 5 day throat pain was gone ... literally gone.  

Drink ginger tea, better yet use the root. Mix garlic finely chopped in your tea ( whole clove) twice daily and add orange clove honey. Ginger has anti inflammatory properties, honey and garlic have antibiotic properties in them. However if you take aspirin (Advil) stop taking it because garlic is also a blood thinner and needs to be taken with caution when using for medicinal purposes. 

Also do this 3x a day. Squeeze half a lemon drink the juice shortly after doing this take one spoon of manuka honey preferably 12+. Manuka is known for its healing properties it’s been used in healing wounds/ cuts. I have used it on a surgical wound which healed wonderfully. 

And last and most important pray prior to implementing this natural remedy. Our faith is tested through many things one being illness. God knows our hearts. I know sometimes we have to turn to Doctors and medicine. But it doesn’t hurt to try the natural medicines that God placed on this earth first before turning to traditional medicine that have horrible side effects ... please share the results