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Lately I have not had much of an an appetite. For a small window I can feel myself be a bit hungry but then it closes and doesn't come back.

It all started after I got grazed in the groin two weeks ago and had discomfort and mild ache pain when sitting down. I then, after googling became scared I had Testicular cancer so I checked multiple times over the next few days. On Saturday of that week I noticed I know how a bruise type pain around my anus, nothing severe, and became more worried. I googled the symptoms and was worried I might have Colon Cancer (I have not had any bleeding) and made an appointment with a doctor that Monday to get my testicle checked. The pain ended the day before the appointment and hasn't returned. The Doc mentioned it was probably just trauma and that it happens. I also mentioned that I had since lost my appetite, though I am unsure if this is due to my being worried about disease. He told me it was normal to get anorexic during times of stress and to not worry about it to much. I have Chron's Disease and he listened to my instestine and verified that they were working very fast, meaning I probably have mild IBS as well. He said it wasn't anything to worry about and that I was healthy. He mentioned my throat looked a bit irritated but I didnt have a sore throat so he said it probably was just a bit of acid from worrying. Since this meeting my appetite still has hot come back to what it was before last week. The Dr. Asked if I had ever been diagnosed with general anxiety disorder ( I am a known worrier, it doesn't get in the way of my life except during times of stress or perceived danger.

I noticed a bit of sour stomach the last week and some gurgling in my intestine after eating and became worried so I googled and discovered that the early signs of Stomach Cancer are loss of appetite and acid reflux. Both of these can be triggered by anxiety and stress however. But I am worried, to the point of every-time I am on the computer I am googling stomach cancer or colon cancer and keep seeing that loss of appetite and think I might have one or the other. I have no blood i my stools, no vomiting, no pain in my abdomen or chest. I sometimes will suffer from the constant need to take a deep breath (yawn) and this lasts for several minutes to half an hour but if I take my mind away and focus on something it goes away. I have eaten this week, after the first Dr. App I got a huge burger and fries and large soda and ate them, Thursday I had 12 hot wings followed by 12 more on Friday. Saturday I saw another dr as I still didnt feel like my appetite was coming back and he seemed irritated since I couldnt give him a reason that I was there past that. he asked about my stress and I told him I was worried I had stomach cancer because of my sour stomach and lack of appetite. he mentioned that at my age it would be very, very low. He said the lack of appetite is more for people 40 or 50, then it is a warning sign. He told me I was fine, onlything wrong with me since I wasn't in any real pain (minus the general picks and pins here and there that come from Chron's disease) and only had a low grade fever (99), that I was fine. I didnt have cancer. He pressed on my abdomen and asked if it hurt. It didn't. he told me to stop worrying and gave me a prescription for antacid and klonopin to help ease my anxiety.

Here are my symptoms:
Loss of appetite

I do not have:
Pain near my ribs
painful abnormal bloating (I get gurgly and gassy when I eat but I have Chrons and short bowel (surgery removed ilium)
Sore Throat
Vomiting or nausea
Extreme Fatigue (I have been more tired the last few days but only after taking Klonopin)
Blood coming from either end.
Tarry stools? (I dont think so? I'd notice if I did, right? I mostly have watery with lose bits due to shortened bowel).

The Dr. Said i would feel very ill if I had stomach cancer with loss of appetite but the internet is a scary place. Does anyone have any advice or questions that come form experience? I am worried, even through the Klonopin.


bloating of the belly, yellowskin,weak, not very hungry, bleeding to much.


I wanted to let you know that you shouldn't worry too much. I've had this experience before, and I've noticed that for me, it's a symptom of anxiety. Some people get headaches when they are anxious, and some people get stomach troubles, like loss of appetite, acid reflux, etc. The ironic thing is that the more you worry about stomach cancer (like I have before, too!), the worse the symptoms will seem. I don't currently take Zoloft, but at one point, I was having these problems, and as soon as I started the Zoloft, my appetite came back and I stopped having "anxiety stomach".

Also, I lose my appetite during the summer. I think it's because of the heat. I mostly just want salad and watery things like watermelon, so this could be a contributing factor, too!

Take care.


Its most likely something not serious like stomach Cancer i myself for the past 4 days have lost my appetite completely but im going through a lot of stress at the moment and i do get severe anziety so its likely u may have bad anziety also good luck tho go get a proper check up to rule anything nasty out and put your mind at ease (: