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I have taken 13 home tests,all 12 negative,1 was blank,but I figured it wouldn't work because it looked old,I bought it a liquor store. I had sex june 8th and 12th without a condom because my boyfriend had a vasectomy and the month before we had sex,he tested and was shooting blanks. I have had my periods july,aug,and sept,but I skipped in june so I have been worried. My last negative test was in september. Would my tests show positive by now?please help,I'm so scaredd.I promised my bf I wouldn't buy anymore tests ,but I am just soooo worried still. Please help.


Hi Candy,

You certainly should be testing positive by now if you were pregnant.  You also wouldn't be having your period athough some bleeding may occur.

Assuming you followed directions for the tests they should be accurate.

You can skip periods occasionally.  It does happen, for no reason.

Hope it helps.