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I got a quick question. Me and my hubby are trying to conceive. I am almost 2 weeks late on my period. Today I took a HPT in the morning and it was a faint positive (2 lines) took a clear blue digital and it said pregnant 1-2 weeks) so I went to the doctor and I have a urine sample 30 seconds later came back and said your not pregnant and you got false positives.... Even though I explained it was 2 different tests but he sent me on my way...... Went and bought 50 bucks worth of pregnancy tests took a digital one at home (first response) right after i got home from the doctor and it was positive. Now what do I do? I ain't taking pre natal vitamins because te doctor told me I am not pregnant. Please help i really need some advice on what to do.


Hi in need,

Slow down a bit.

1.  You should not get a faint positive if you are pregnant.  It should be clear and definitive as the tests don't tell you "how" pregnant you are, it only reacts to the presence of a specific hormone, hCG.  You also need to follow directions EXACTLY.  If you didn't do the above it is not a valid result.  (Faint is not valid).

2.  False positives are very rare.  It is UNLIKELY you would have 3 of them.

3.  Sometimes, the home tests can detect pregnancy faster than a blood test.  It all depends upon the detection threshold.

4.  Don't worry about pre-natal vitamins yet.  Eat a healthy diet!

5.  I tend to think the odds are that you ARE pregnant. 

Good luck.




Medic Dan

I read the instructions and did the test exactly how it told me to. The non digital one was positive the positive line just wasn't as dark ad the second line. The 2 digital sail pregnant 1-2 and then yes. Why would my pee test be negative at the doctors office. He didnt even want a blood test. I am just confused should I go back in a couple days? He didn't believe me and said HPT are too sensitive and not acurate. Then again he was only gone for 30 seconds and said it was negative doesn't be have to wait 3 min for the result?


We can only speculate as to what brand test your doctor used.

Regardless, especially early in pregnancy it is common to have a false negative. If you've had a lot of fluids in the morning it "dilutes" your urine. That means that in a given sample there is a lower percentage of hCG. If there isn't enough hCG you get a "negative" reading.

Repeat the test in a week or so then see another doctor.

I can't speak for your doctor except to say that some are jerks. I work with several that I wouldn't want treating me. Try someone else next time.