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Hi I'm 23 years old and I have polycystic ovaries and I'm currently taking clomid this is my second cycle, now I'm single but I have a friend of mine who is willing to help me getting pregnant he has given me his sperm in a latex condom can this kill the sperm and how much? I had a friend of mine who is helping me with artificial insemination at home I have read a lot of successful stories about at home artificial insemination but we don't know how to do it properly we have been doing it with a 60cc syringe but when she puts it in I've tried to stay still with my feet up and I even tried staying in the floor with my legs up the bed but doing these two methods had made me lose some semen since I tend to drop it a little bit when I move could this be because I have air in my vagina, also when my friend put the syringe does my vagina fills with air? could this be a reason why I dropped the semen, please I want to know if you could help me how to do the artificial insemination I want a baby so bad thank you very much I found a lot of information that you provided very helpful, write me at *******

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Wow...You should not try doing at home artificial insemination!!! Haveing sperm donated to you in a condom, will kill the sperm and inserting a syringe into your vaginal area isnt a good idea since you really dont know what you are doing, and neither does the other person, you could really cause problems that can be advoided, not to mention infections and a list of other things!!! Like for instance damaging the sperm in some way, this can cause birth defects or misscarages, I would suggest for you to go to a fertily clinic and have this done if you are wanting a baby this bad....You should also talk to your obgyn before trying to concieve as well since you have polycystic ovaries, this could cause problems as well...I would suggest not trying this anymore at home!!! This can be unsafe and dangerous!! And Im sure that many other will agree as well!!