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hello. i have a problem regarding my gf's vagina. it smells bad like fishy like odor.. it was gone when she take the medicines .. then after one week it came back.. is it me that is the carrier of this bacteria? I am clean and no problem with my penis.. it really bothered me everytime we sex. what should i do? thanx much! :-)


You can also carry yeast infection. It isnt uncommon for a man or woman who drinks alcohol to have this bacteria. I suggest you both take required medications at the same time and wait a month before you start having sex agian. Always keep your hands clean as well as your mouth before sex. If you use toys make sure there rinsed in alchol and set aside to dry. Do not use towel/rag to dry.

Just remember clean sheets at least every week if you are sexually active in it. Use listerine to clean your mouth after a brushing. Always shower before and after. Men should always urinate after sex. This has been said to clean out any bacteria the may be resting in the tip of the penis. A woman should shower or rinse after wards.

Just remember to be clean at all times and enjoy yourselves as much as possible. Please be open to conversate to your woman about your feelings on this topic. You shouldnt have to hide anything. Being open to everything will make for a long lasting relationship.

Take care.