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a little over a week ago i took lsd, it was way stronger than i thought, on the come down it turnedinto a bad trip i experienced stiffness in the right side of my body and felt super tense, its beeen 10 days, and i still feeel like sh*t, im afraid there might be something wrong with y brain. i've been to 2 different doctors and they think they  way i feel is due to depression and stress. before i took the lsd i felt fine, now i always get anxiety attacks and think im dying. i didn't tell the doctors about my acid trip, just the symptoms, but because im so young they dont they think there's anything wrong. should i get a CT scan? or MRI? they did some blood work..... i just know ii dont want to feel this way anymore im felling miserable.



I think the best thing to do is to be honest with your doctor. They cannot diagnose you appropriately unless they have your medical history. Now, there is such a thing as doctor patient confidentiality. I realize that you might be embarrassed, but unless you are under 18 and the doctor might tell your parents, the information you disclose will stay between you and your doctor. If your symptoms started right after taking the LSD drug, it seems that there is a very reasonable chance the two are related. If you want to feel better, you have to start by telling your doctor.

Good luck! By the way, you won't be the first person your doctor encounters who has taken illegal drugs.