Hello all. I am 40 years old I was diagnosed with bertollotis about a year ago I have been having so much pain in lower back for Avery long time and no one could figure out what was going on. My regular physician did an exray and had a specialist read them and that is how I found out I had this bertollotis syndrome my back keeps going out to the point I can't even move. I also have had injections and some vertebra fused together my l2 l4 l6 I believe is what they told me is deteriorating as well. I have Ra fibro and its so hard to get around any way on top of this. So needless to say I try and do exercise's but not a lot of luck since the pain is so intense. Does anyone else have Ra and fibro with the bertollotis if so please help. If u can find any relief from any pain please let me know how. I'm desperately needing help. I have children I need to be with when they r not in school I do my best to do what I can with them I don't want them to loose out. I also can not get my doc to understand how much pain I am in the rhumy doc doesn't even get it. Sorry just so agrivating I use to be so active in gymnastics when I was younger but had stop because of health issues. Now it's just so hard to do any exercise and I do try all the time. Thank u