The back of my neck has been hurting and stiff for about 3 weeks. It is hard to turn my head.I have also been having pain down my left arm and shoulder and arm. My back has also been hurting. I do have fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis and RA. I also just got put on antibiotics three days ago for a sinus infection. I had a bacterial vaginal inflectional several weeks before. My immune system is down as I'm having digestive issues and I have also lost around 12 pounds in several months unexplained with unexplained bruising on my legs and arms. I have been having excrutiating pain as well. My CBC has been normal. My Gastro Doc hasn't been help with the digestive issues yet she did do an EGD three weeks ago pushing stuck food in my throat and stomach. Put me on a Gastroparesis diet but wont say I have it as we did a test for it in 2017 and it was negative.I had another EGD with throat stretch as I have swallowing motility issues and a colonoscopy as I have Ulcerative Colitis the day before Thanksgiving. My Family Doc upset with my weight loss and says I could possibly have Gastroparesis as I have symptoms of it and she has had patients with it. Several weeks ago my Family Doc made a referral to Cleveland Clinic for me but no apt date yet. However, my neck, and back of , head shoulders and constant back pain plus leg and arm pain continue. I know this all sound bizarre.Im having all of these issues. My main concern is this neck stiffness and pain causing my left arm pain and numbness. I have been reading and read about Osteomyelitis. Just thinking about that because of the bacterial infections that I have had and maybe they have went to the spine. Any suggestions?