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My wife of 17 years has been suffering with Rheumatoid Arthritis for about 8 years but only recently diagnosed. The Doctor has prescribed Methotrexate and plaquenil for about the last month we have been taking this. We are not seeing any improvements yet and were told that it can take up to six months for results to be seen. Our previous exercise schedule was fairly intense to help cope with the immobility of this very painful condition; 6 days a week at 2 hours per gym exposure. All this exercise came to an end when the team of doctors and therapists said that the Methotrexate needed time to control the condition. My questions are does exercise really harm this condition more? And how long until my wife sees some sort of relief? I should mention that she does not show any Rh factors in her blood work thus not showing Arthritis as being there. She has been clinically diagnosed with this condition. My wife seems to be in more in pain now then when we were consistant with our fitness program.

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Has your wife been tested for gluten sensitivity?

I have RA and am able to control my symptoms with diet and lifestyle. I am also celiac (gluten sensitive) which significantly contributed to my pain. I have had several tests which have indicated that I have several allergies. Allergens, stress, poor nutrition and no exercise greatly increase the amount of inflammation in your body. By eliminating all the inflammation that I can, I have been able to get control of my RA without the need of Rx's. I take a series of anti-inflammatory supplements and have eliminated all gluten, dairy, cane sugar, corn syrup and eggs (as well as all of the other more individualized allergens) and have incorporated relaxation techniques to decrease stress levels and improve my coping skills. It is a stringent lifestyle that can be challenging, but I am healthier than I have ever been and I feel great. Best of all, I am essentially pain free. I would much rather live with these challenges than the risks and side effects of drugs. I don't know if this could work for everyone, but it is definately worth a shot (and it takes less than 6 months to be pain free if it does ---sometimes it is just a matter of days).

About exercising: high impact, strenuous work outs are very stressful especially on a body that is already inflammed (RA is the inflammation of the joints). I personally have had to stop everything that may be physically stressful (I love Tae Bo and running) and have had to succomb to just brisk walking 30-45 each day. Once I have done this for awhile I will gradually be able to work back up to a more strenuous level, but first I have to allow my body to heal and get rid of all the inflammation.


Hi Tom
Please tell your wife to give it time, I suffer from RA diagnosed 1Year ago but I believe i had it about year and a half before that.My blood work did not show Rheumatoid factor,The pain in my wrist became so bad i could not work, I was sent to a specialist and had an operation on my wrist and a sample of the scare tissue removed tested positive for RA.
I had a CT scan prior to my operation that was the only way they could see that something was wrong there were mases of scare tissue in my wrist but i never had an injury there.
Im doing better now Iam on methotrexate its alot easer,I have good days and bad days.You can exicise but listen to your joint if there sore don't push it
Donna 8)