My best friend is in suboxone withdrawal and also her psychiatrist is tapering her off xanax, so she's in benzo withdrawal as well. She couldn't see her pain doctor anymore because of a change in insurance and so he just let her go cold turkey off the suboxone (which she was on for an addiction to percocet) and her baclofen. She said it's been about a month since her last pill but the symptoms have only been getting worse over the past week or two. She's sore all over and sleepy and has diarrhea. I told her to try some immodium for the diarrhea but she isn't talking to me because I won't give her any vicodin (I have some because I just had dental surgery.) Is there anything else she can do? She says advil doesn't touch her pain. I can't convince her to go to the hospital, especially because she is mad at me. I know someone in another thread said sudafed might help but I'm reluctant to mention that to her because if something makes her feel a little better, she will take a ton of it... right now she will drink an entire bottle of children's benadryl in a day because it makes her feel better. And I know sudafed can really mess with your heart. She also has soma and has taken all of it, leaving her about 10 days short until she can get a refill. Everyone wants her to go to rehab because she did that with her xanax too - took too much and ran out early - but she will have none of it. Is there anything I can say to get her to call a doctor or something?