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my 19 months old daughter is suffering from moderate left kidney hydronephrosis from birth due to Pelvic Ureteric Junction(PUJ) Obstruction. I have been observing her since her four months with ultra sound and DTPA scan with a gap to 6 months-6 months.I got an ultrasound today which showed that even the right kidney has developed the hydronephrosis and has mild separation of right renal pelvi calyceal system.

Please tell me what is the present condition of my child. does she need a surgery at this point of time or i can still wait? and what are the precautions she needs to take during this condition?

any other treatment apart from the surgery?please help me as iam very tensed.





Bilateral hydronephrosis is the enlargement of the pelvis of both kidneys. You have to understand that bilateral means both sides. The hydronephrosis is not a disease on it is own but just a side effect from obstruction in kidneys. Your daughter might be needing a Foley catheter which can relive the obstruction. However there are other treatment options that include draining of the bladder or relieving pressure. I think that she is to young for this but there is also option of placing stents in the ureters that will allow urine to flow from the kidney to bladder. What did your doctor suggest? Did he mention any treatment options. The underlying cause of this must be found and treated.